Different modes

of bot ownership

Bots as a

Pay only for the work a bot does for you. Forget about comparing complex costly licenses and plans

Hire a
dedicated bot

Develop a bots exclusively for your process with our team of trained and certified Automation developers

Own your own
bot force

Invest in a bot powered total automation solution for your enterprise and deploy it within your own network

Some of our

Readymade bots

Total Bookkeeping automation

Watch a demo of our Bookkeeping bots handling every step of bookkeeping process including automated posting.


Total Invoice Automation

Learn how we have used the latest OCR tech to process and extract information from any type of invoice.

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CPA Automation Solution

Find out how our Bookkeeping Bot can transform your CPA practice and enable you to take on more clients.

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we use in our bots

Your company, your process – We will improve it
with our automation solution

We create robots or digital workers to automate processes in departments including accounting, finance, operations and others that involve highly repetitive manual tasks. Our robotic process automation solutions are built specific to your organization and process.

Through automation you can eliminate wasted hours on repetitive tasks (and switch your staff to handle value added tasks). You do not need to change existing software and hardware infrastructure (Our robots will use your current software and IT hardware).

Our automation solution is cheaper than you think and can be implemented in a matter of weeks. Typically, the ROI is achieved in less than 12 months.

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